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<span>&#x2588;</span> Supported architecture
<p class="purple">SecBSD/amd64 runs on AMD's Athlon-64 family
of processors in 64-bit mode.
It also runs on processors made by other manufacturers which
have cloned the AMD64 extensions.
<p>X Window System support is available for most
graphics cards, using the X.Org server. As with other free
operating systems it is highly recommended that Nvidia cards
are avoided since this vendor continues to show tremendous
resistance towards releasing information that would allow X.Org
to support their hardware properly.
<h3>Current status:</h3>
The only major shortcoming at this time is that the kernel
debugger <a href="https://man.openbsd.org/amd64/ddb.4">ddb</a>
is somewhat poor.
<h2>Supported hardware:</h2>
All versions of the AMD Athlon 64 processors and their clones
are supported.
<h2>Graphics Support</h2>
<p class="green">
Basic graphics support should support most hardware, but some
features like video or 3D acceleration require additional
driver support. Unsupported devices will typically still work
in VESA or EFIFB mode.
<p class="purple">
AMD devices use a confusing mix of code names and rebadging.
Some devices expected to work:
<ul class="list">
<li>Products using "Northern Islands," "Southern Islands,"
or "Sea Islands" graphics cores.
<li>AMD Radeon 5000 series
<li>Earlier AMD and ATI models are expected to work as well.
<p class="purple2">
Intel devices can be confusing as well. Some devices expected
to work:
<ul class="list">
<li>Intel Kaby Lake (found on i-7xxx CPU)
<li>Intel Skylake (found on i-6xxx CPU)
<li>Intel Broadwell (found on i-5xxx CPU)
<li>Intel Broxton/Apollo Lake
<li>Intel Amber Lake
<li>Intel Gemini Lake
<li>Intel Coffee Lake
<li>Intel Whiskey Lake
<li>Earlier Intel models and revisions are expected to work
as well.
<li>The PowerVR graphics found on some Atom CPUs are not
<h3>Unsupported Hardware:</h3>
<p class="purple">
New hardware is constantly being released, some of which may
lack support.
Your <a href="sponsors.html">donation</a>,
<a href="hardware.html"> hardware</a>, or
<a href="docs.html">documentation</a> can accelerate
this support!