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<b>SecBSD Mirrors</b><br><br>
<p class="purple">Download via HTTPS.
<p class="purple">SecBSD can be obtained via HTTPS.
Typically you only need a single small piece of boot media and then the rest
of the files can be installed from a number of locations, including directly
off the internet.
Consult the <a href="docs.html#overview">installation guide</a> for details.
<p class="purple">Choose a mirror near you from the following list of mirrors
which provide SecBSD.
<ul class="list">
Location: Amsterdam.<br>
Maintained by Purple Rain.<br>
Protocols: https.<br><br>
Location: Amsterdam.<br>
Maintained by h3artbl33d.<br>
Protocols: https.<br>
Updated hourly from mirror.secbsd.org<br><br>
<p>Information for prospective mirrors</p>
<p class="purple">To be listed on this page we require mirrors
to be fast, up to date, capable, and well-connected to networks
in the region in which they serve.
<p>Mirrors must carry the following:</p>
<p>OS and packages for all architectures supported
by SecBSD.
<p class="purple">As of Jun 2024, the minimum space required is approximately
<p>However, to reduce problems for users when snapshot
packages are updated,
it is strongly recommended to use the rsync options
--delete-delay --delay-updates which requires additional space
during updates.
--fuzzy may also be helpful to reduce the amount of data transferred
when updating snapshot packages. Depending on the disk space
available, mirrors may provide more contents, such as older releases,
current source tree, etc.
<p>Operators of mirrors who are interested in having their site added
to the list on this page should contact purplerain@secbsd.org with
further details about their site, including network connectivity,
geographic location, and general information.