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LAYLO Code - Secure, resilient, privacy-friendly code hosting

LAYLO Code is a free collaboration platform, aimed at developers and contributors alike, working towards a more just, secure and humane society.

This platform is geared towards open source and security developers. Currently in beta - we will eventually welcome the greater public once out of beta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does this server run?

This server runs Gitea on OpenBSD.

Q: Where is this server located?

This server runs on an OpenStack hypervisor, at the EcoRacks datacenter (in Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

Q: Is this server secure?

Yes. We have applied modern hardening techniques and defense-in-depth. Please refer to SECURITY.md (todo) for more information regarding security.

Q: Who runs this server?

This server is ran by the activists at LAYLO - a Dutch organisation with a strong emphasis on security and human rights in technology.

Q: Can I use it?

Right now, we are testing this platform, we will eventually open registration for the public. But please, reach out and we'll get you setup!